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What to do for Anaphylactic reaction?

Jenny Bourne - Monday, April 19, 2010
How would you feel if your child, partner or parent had an anaphylactic reaction and you did not know what to do? Would you be wishing you had done the First Aid course or updated it? The reaction can have occurred very quickly progressing from a mild allergic response to them not being able to breathe and becoming very distressed in a couple of minutes. If they have never had an anaphylactic reaction before then you may not know how to help them. Immediately you are aware of their distress call 000 or 112 on your mobile and request Ambulance service in your state or territory. State your location precisely with house or lot number or unit and floor number, street name, suburb, State. Describe the situation and follow the emergency call centre instructions until the Ambulance arrives. 

When someone is having difficulty breathing, sitting up is usually the position of comfort and stay with the had an anaphylactic reaction before then tehy will have an anaphylactic Action plan and follow the steps in the plan. This can include adminstering an epipen to deliver adrenaline. The epipen is prepared for use by releasing or removing the grey activation cap and holding the epipen firmly in the hand with fingers and thumb away from either end of the epipen and jabbing the black end of the epipen at right angles into the outer aspect of the thigh of the person having the anaphylactic reaction and holding the epipen there for at least 10 second to deliver the adrenaline. Then remove the epipen from the thigh and rub the area where the adrenaline was injected for at least 10 seconds. Place the used epipen back in the protective case and make sure it travels to medical assistance with the person having the anaphylactic reaction and is replaced. Note the time the epipen was used.

If medical assistance has not arrived within 6 minutes of administering the epipen and the person is not recovering a second epipen can be delivered and using another person's epipen is permitted so long as the other person is not in danger and may require it. 

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